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Long time no see.

Life got complicated but I'm back, enriched with new life experiences. I plan  to post more often now. I'm working on a lot of different craft projects while I try to manage two autoimmune disease, a GAD and all things even a healthy person would struggle with (ie: work attendance, normal day to day activities). And I feel like talking about it. Partly because I'm restless  (a symptom of my GAD) and I'm always looking for something I haven't done in a while to do to keep my head busy. But also because networking and being open with what I'm experiencing has become a big part of my life now.

I'm trying to take advantage of Rockwood Park which is a gold mine for someone longing for inner peace and break from my GAD. Unexpectedly I have been experiencing a bit of anxiety trying to implement daily walks in nature into my routine. The first two days of the week all I could manage to do was drive around the park before work. Wenesday, I was brave and actually left my car (worrying someone would smash my windows to steal my lunch box - naturally). It was really nice to sit on a rock on the edge of Fisher lakes. I sat there for a little while listening to sounds I haven't heard with my own ears in ages. Watching the pumpkinseed fish made me think it was like having an aquarium you don't need to maintain or have to remember if you've fed the fish or not. I thought of tics and whether or not they would consider me a target while I sat there on a rock. And then the following day my AS flared up. It's not so bad. I can still walk fine. I just need to remember to take it easy. Nice and slow! Gotta work on that one...


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