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The IWK project - pirate finger puppets I made.

Arianne's Hello Kitty crochet blanket. - FINISHED

Our Gnome Garden

A cross stitch souvenir of our Jamaica trip.

Carl Sagan cross stitch tribute. - FINISHED!

A new project

I want to do something special to commemorate our trip to Jamaica in April and what I've decided to do is a hibiscus flower and Jamaican flag as the background. I'll bring it down with me to continue working on it. I at least want to get a head start for now.

Finger puppets for IWK.

"Come to the dark side, we have cookies." Cross stitch.

I kind of regret now not taking better pictures of the finished project. I hate the color I picked for the frame, and the company I ordered it from. Maybe I'll just get a custom frame from Michaels next time. Regardless this looks absolutely awesome on my desk at work.
Thank you to Dork Stitch for the great pattern!

My mini tribute to Carl Sagan.

The new series of Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson is about to start on Fox (next Sunday if I'm not mistaken).

I'm a little cross stitch obsessive at the moment and I was looking for something smallish to add to my collection at my desk at work. Something portable too and relatively simple that would help keep my hands busy at work on the rare occasions that I have downtime. I couldn't quite find the right pattern so I made my very first pattern using pic2pat. I've been wanting to make Carl Sagan a tribute for some time now and I have a bunch of 6" by 6" squares at home that I want to use up. Unfortunately it looks like my pattern might be too big to be contained on such a small square of Aida cloth. And I can forget about framing it (I'm trying to find frame alternatives so I'm open to suggestions. I was thinking maybe to iron a piece of interfacing and pin it on the wall of my cubicle).

free PDF Carl Sagan cross stitch pattern