Monday, November 29, 2010

Who's a NaNoWriMo Winner? This girl!!

So I have finally reached today my word count and managed to keep my writing in check and not spill over endlessly over the 50,000 mark like I was afraid I might do. As usual, finishing my novel was a pain. I don’t do well with story endings. Its always been a problem for me. I could build up forever though. In fact I’ve been building up forever now on my other writing project. And I don’t feel like I’ve been quite to the depths I wanted for my finale, but what is done is done and NaNoEdMo can wait!

If I have learned anything during this month is that I have absolutely no valid excuse whatsoever not to finish my other writing project, although now it can wait! I need a break from any intense creative process. I can’t go trough that again, not so soon!

I have neglected myself, my relationship and friendships, all for the sake of this project. I have drank more coffee then I normally would or should. I experienced wrists and neck pains for the first time at a computer. To try and motivate myself to write or come up with ideas sometimes was a pain and a huge part of the creative process consisted in looking at anything but the computer screen in an empty stare. Or check if I had any messages on twitter or Facebook a hundred times over. Holy procrastination!

But it is done!

Next month… Cataclysm!

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