Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNo Break

I'm down to my last 5k on my word count for NaNoWriMo and I thought I’d procrastinate a little. I’m listening to the music that will put me in the right mood for an epic finish. I’ve got my literary blind spot in mind though. You see, my villain’s name is Fetisha. It happens to be the name of a song from one of my favourite bands back in high school, Orgy. I always thought that it would make the perfect villain name (I still do). However, whenever my friends and loved ones read that name off paper or screen, they give me that weirded out facial expression. Ya know? I’m biased of course.

Sometimes I suspect that if I bothered reading the lyrics to the song, my opinion would change (I get this reaction from a fan of Orgy as well). I only get half the lyrics when I listen to a song, any song. But what I do get is enough to give me some vivid mental imagery. That and maybe the whole Candyass album (yes, you read that right) painted in my head my supremely villainous villain, seductive and crazy in the head, rampant and borderline out of control.

Anywhoo… Blue Monday is playing now. Back to writing for me!

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