Monday, August 30, 2010

Writing update

I've been working on a science-fiction novel for a little over a year now. Working on my first draft to be precise, which I started writing in July 18th of last year. I'm halfway trough the story line I would say and just begun writing again yesterday (for the past months I have been unable to write, so I did research instead). Ever since I've untied a certain knot in the story (a simple gender change in one of my characters unfold a thread of new ideas, filling out the blank spaces in my novel brilliantly), I've been feeling the pressure to get on with the story before it looses it's appeal to me. Especially since I've been feeling inspired again (and happy). I wanna ride that wave while it lasts. So I wrote a little over 500 words last night and am thinking that maybe I should make that 1000 words daily. I need to get that first draft out of the way and right now I think I've got all I need to finish that second half, which is going to be so much better then the first half. The first half will have to be re-written, but that will wait till the completion of the first draft. Right now though I have clear mental notes of what I want out of that first manuscript. But I must continue with the story as if nothing is amiss in it's first chapters, with the changes I've recently made to the crew of my little space ship, "recasting" of certain roles, etc. And I have a better feel of the places visited in the novel and writing their descriptions have become easier. I can't waste myself re-writing the first half now or by the time I'm done, I'll go trough another dry period during which I'll still find things to do and undo, never really going anywhere.

As to what the story is about... hmm... You'll have to wait for a teaser once it's done. ;)

I will, however, say this. My novel is causing me to write about Jupiter and this YouTube "video" is quite pleasant to listen to while writing about the King of planets.

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