Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Writing Progress - the first draft

The knowledge I've accumulated for my novel research has finally reached critical mass and I spent the whole weekend writing down ideas for the 45,000 words manuscript I'm working on.

I can now say I finally have a plot to work against. Unfortunately, although it’s very exciting and I'd like to think original, I can’t tell you what it is about (writer’s paranoia, what can I say). All that I will say though is that I'm working on a science-fiction novel. That's it! That's all you're getting from me (sorry). During the weekend I wrote my ideas down in notepad, one followed by another in rapid succession, fitting pieces of a puzzle in my mind in the places that were left void for months! I still have a few pieces missing, but now I’m definitely getting the picture. The progress I made in this single weekend is huge! If I wasn’t entirely sure about my story a few days ago, I’m sure now that it’s worth pursuing. I wonder what to do though from this point on: whether to re-write what I wrote so far (print it and type it again) or just continue writing from where I left it, ignoring the inconsistencies with the first half of the manuscript, having added new elements to the story?

I'm pretty excited about this! And paranoid... I'm thinking of ways to back up my files on multiple devices, just in case. I've been thinking of buying an external drive (even though I already have an 8 g flash drive and I can back up my files on Matt's computer as well). I think this might also be an attempt at procrastinating. But it's true I'm having a hard time finding a spot in the apartment where I would be comfortable enough to start writing. The couch is comfortable, but it's right in "entertainment" central, so I get plenty of distraction (and my concentration is not at its best at the moment). The bed is too comfortable and it's hard to write with my eyes shut and my brain on sleep mode. So at this juncture, I'm still entertaining the idea of buying myself a desk even though I just have the laptop. I don't know... I'll have to stop being an idiot and figure something out if I want to begin what I'm hoping it to be a productive writing marathon of 1000 - 2000 words a day.

I wonder if my attempt at justifying procrastination is any indication of the awesomeness of my novel idea. Dr. Burns would say I fear success!